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BS3621 British Standard Locks Mortice locks

BS3621 British Standard Locks

When you need an emergency locksmith in South West London for your BS3621 door locks, you can rely on SW Locksmith. BS3621 British Standard locks are thief-resistant locks and can protect your house in case of a break-in attempt. But in case of such an unfortunate event, our emergency London locksmith operating in South West are ready to get to your place in fast and helpful.

Why risk a break-in when you have a better alternative now? Prevent a bad event and change your lock to British Standard 3621 with SW Locksmith now. You will stay safe and will be well protected in case of a burglary or a burglary attempt. Call SW Locksmith here: 07383010010 for BS3621 locks. We have all locks with us, 24 hours.

BS3621 british standard mark

British Standard

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When you wanna change locks, you need to be aware of the standard of the look you will fit on your door. The security level of locks is categorized by the BS – British Standards Institution (BSI). Therefore, if a lock is certified by the British Standard Institute (BS3621  ⁄  BS8621  ⁄  BS10621) for meeting the required security standards, it will display the British Standard Kite Mark. British Standard refers to the specification of the recommended procedure, quality of output, terminology, and other details, in a particular field making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials. Therefore, if you see the BSI Kitemark on a lock (mostly on external doors), you can be sure that it’s a lock recommended by the British Standard Institute because of its high level of security. 

Important, some home insurance providers will insist that you have British Standard locks installed to be eligible for cover. We can help with insurance-approved locks for exterior doors or interior doors, depending on your needs. 

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About British Standard Institute

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So, BS3621 stands for the British Standard Institute founded as the Engineering Standards Committee in London in 1901. BSI Group, also known as the British Standards Institution, is the national standards body of the United Kingdom. BSI produces technical standards on a wide range of products and services. Also, it supplies certification and standards-related services to businesses. This is a standard that your locks need to have in order to comply with any insurance policy.

Since when is the BS?

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BS was formed in 1901 by Sir John Wolfe-Barry, who also designed London’s Tower Bridge. The original BSI committee met for the first time on the day Queen Victoria died – 22 January 1901. One of the first standards it went on to publish related to steel sections for tramways.

The BS Kitemark was first registered by BSI on 12 June 1903 – the same year in which Harley Davidson, Crayola crayons, and the Tour de France were born. British Standard Mark has grown into one of Britain’s most important and most recognized consumer quality marks. The last BS3621 regulations are in 2017. Have a look at your entrance door lock and check if you can see the sign, it should be a visible big heart-shaped sign. It’s a good way to check that your security is up to standard. 

The British Standards Institute (BSI) Kitemark assures consumers that a product is: Safe; Reliable, and Conforms to relevant safety standards. The Symbol shows that the BSI has independently tested the product and given the manufacturer permission to use the mark.

Check the BS sign. “Kitemark” came from the kite shape of the graphic device which was drawn up – an uppercase B (for British) on its back, over an S (for the standard), enclosed by a V (for verification).

Protect yourself with a BS Lock

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We all know that a BS Lock is a minimum requirement for home insurance. But this standard does not apply only for insurance purposes but also for your protection. Therefore, your front door should have at least a BS3621 lock installed if you wanna be safe. More than that, it may not be necessary to have British Standard locks on your interior doors, but definitely SW Locksmith recommends you this. So, try and install British Standard locks on your front and back door as well. Most of the time it will be a once in a lifetime investment and you will be sure you are safe

What makes BS3621 locks different than normal locks?

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BS3621 locks are different from normal regular basic locks. If you wanna check out some of the features a BS3621 lock needs to meet to comply with BS standards, here is a shortlist. BS3621 locks are designed by the following criteria: 


  • When activating the bolt lock, the key must complete its move. Only then the bolt reaches with its whole length its engagement (door frame keeper), and you can pull out the key.
  • Usually, the BS3621 lock prevents drill attacks by having a hardened metal plate (including mortice locks).
  • Screws that fix the locks, as long as its BS3621 mortice lock or BS3621 cylinder must not be accessible when the door is shut.fa fa-flag
  • A BS3621 mortice lock must have at least five-levers .
BS3621 Lock-Snapping-Burglary-Stats
BS3621 Lock-Snapping-Burglary-Stats
british standard BS3621 stars

What are BS3621 locks?

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If a lock is BS3621, it already has passed the standards required by the British Standard Institution. In conclusion, if you have A BS3621 lock on your door, that means that already your door lock corresponds to some security standards making it more secure than a regular cylinder, for example.

For instance, let’s suppose that you have a multi-point door mechanism and your cylinder is BS3621. The level of security is marked with stars. If you have one star on, it means that it is a BS cylinder with the minimum requirements. But still, it is a good cylinder and already complies with the standards.

Good to know, a cylinder can’t achieve 2 stars, but 1 or 3. Also, a cylinder with 3 stars has already reached the maximum number of stars. It means that it has more security features than a BS3621 1-star cylinder, therefore providing higher security. In conclusion, it is a better product!

Also, a mortice lock does not have stars. But you can achieve your maximum security level or 3 stars, by simply changing your cylinders to 3-star cylinder rim locks. They are all resistant to lock picking and other basic methods of opening. 

For example, if you have a BS3621 1-star lock, you can reach your 3 stars level by adding BS handles. Handles can also have security features. British Standard handles can have 2 stars. In conclusion, your BS 1-star lock plus BS 2 stars handle make a total of 3 stars.

If, for instance, you have a BS 1-star cylinder and BS 2 stars handle, you can’t sum the stars and achieve 5 stars. The security level of a BS3621 3 stars, covers already the security features of the handles. Of course, in an eventual drill attack, you’ll be safer with BS handles.

How to tell if a lock is BS3621?

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Few signs can tell you if your locks are compliant with the standard. BS3621 locks have the mark BS on their plate. In case it’s a mortice lock the plate won’t be visible if the door is closed. At cylinders, usually, you’ll detect their standard by just looking at it. It’s with the BS mark facing the exterior on timber doors (underneath the keyhole). Keyless egress allows you to leave without a key, providing easy access without fumbling for them.

bs3621 british standard euro cylinder yale

Euro Cylinder British Standard BS3621

Check the kite mark on the cylinder near the key hole.
bs3621 british standard mortice lock union

Mortice Lock British Standard BS3621

Mortise Lock British Standard
Check the kite mark on the face place of the lock, on the edge of the door.
bs3621 british standard night latch union

Night Latch British Standard BS3621

Check the kite mark in the area where the bolt comes out of the lock.

BS10621 is another security standard for entrance doors in the UK. British Standard BS10621 locks differ slightly from ordinary locks but the secure mode is there. When it comes to operating mode, the lock assemblies are similar to having two entrances to your home, they can be opened with a key and without one. They are a relatively unknown lock, but they have been in existence since 2007 and have undergone the same testing as other well-known locks such as BS3621 and BS8621.

Be cautious of the fake BS3621 locks

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BS3621 Genuine British Standard locks vs fake British Standard locks
BS3621 Genuine British Standard locks vs fake British Standard locks

SW Locksmith company is always using only original products. Also, if you are calling us, you can be sure that with our locks you will comply with your home insurance requirements. But if you wanna check if your lock is genuine, you can do it easily. Just follow some simple signs.

Usually, counterfeit locks are the poor quality. The general appearance of the packaging is not of good quality. Often, they do have some spelling mistakes and bad grammar overall. More than that, if the price is lower than you would expect to pay, be cautious. There is a big chance to find a good replica (especially online).

If you find yourself with a counterfeit lock on your door, try and inform the manufacturer of that product or your local Trading Standards Department. This way you will know for sure if the lock is counterfeit and, if it is, they will take appropriate action. If you have proof that an item you have purchased is counterfeit, contact the supplier immediately. You are entitled to an explanation and your money back. If you have difficulty getting your money back, get in touch with the Citizens Advice consumer helpline for advice.   

Also, if you have a counterfeit product on your door, call us as soon as possible and we will replace your lock with a secured original lock. You will not be safe with a lock counterfeit lock on your door because, even if the lock looks almost the same as the original one, the security layers are missing. 




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