ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
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Door Lock Change

Get fast door lock change services with SW Locksmith. Do you have to change your lock now? We are ready to handle all types of locks for front and back doors. No matter what replacement lock you require, a locksmith specialist has all types of door locks available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Reach out and our local London locksmith will handle all door locks for you. We can get there 30 minutes after your call. Please note, we are not a shop but an emergency locksmith service. Our experts will help with the entire lock replacement process – so we will supply a new door lock and fit it for you are part of the lock changing. We have all door locks available, including top high-security locks and British Standard locks. Call it and sort out your house security in minutes. Our locksmiths would be happy to assist.

Door Lock Change: Lock Replacement & Fitting

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Are you looking for a replacement service for your existing locks? We are ready to help with your exterior doors, patio doors and internal doors. Get a fast door lock replacement service at your doorstep by calling our locksmiths right now. You won’t need an appointment to replace your current locks. Get rid of your faulty locks or simply proceed with a lock replacement t in case of lost keys.

Regardless if you have issues with your mortice locks, garage door locks, cylinder rim locks, window locks, euro cylinder locks, bolts or any front door locks, our experts will come up with the best solution. Reach out if you wish to have your door locks changed by SW Locksmith. We will supply and fit the best locks for you in minutes.

Additional Security

Have your door locks replaced or upgrade the security of your property by adding extra security locks. When looking to have installed a new door lock, it’s better to have it done by an expert. SW Locksmith is ready to help with all your front door locks. Our locksmiths near you are ready to help with additional security for internal doors and external doors. Moreover, they will take care of your front door or back door and will recommend you one or two locks for better protection. All recommendations are particular and depend on your property and door frame.

No matter what extra security you require in terms of door locks for wooden door or uPVC door, we will help you achieve your goals and stay protected. Get in touch for a new mortice lock, cylinder rim lock, mortice sash lock, euro profile cylinder lock, Yale lock, rim cylinder lock, a thumb turn lock, night latch, bolt lock and so on. There’s a wide range of locks commonly found on wooden doors and uPVC doors, and we are ready to help you with all the necessary lock additions.

New House Security Assessment

Replacing your door locks should be a priority for every new house owner and we are here to help you. Whether you require quick lock repair or a full replacement lock, SW Locksmith is fully trained and equipped for all situations lock-related. Get better security solutions for your new house with the help of our door lock expert. We are a wide range of door locks available on the spot, therefore we can handle any door lock replacement fast.

Lock Repair Or Lock Replacement

Of course, a new house can require lock repairs after the previous tenants or homeowners, but we recommend a series of lock changes for all ways of accessing the house. We are sure you want to prevent any unauthorised access to your new property and you can’t be sure about who still keeps a key copy for your flat or house. Therefore, every time when moving into a new house, you should consider a few lock replacements just to be safe.

Reach out and we will help with all types of door locks. When we say we can help with door lock replacement solutions we can include everything starting from all ranges of cylinder rim locks, mortice locks, euro profile cylinder locks, window locks, night latches, deadbolts, or others. Emergency or not, whenever you reach out, all door locks are available with our locksmiths. Upgrade your security level by replacing your standard locks with better options. Protect your property and level up your security as soon as you move in.

All Door Locks are Available

One of the main advantages when calling SW Locksmith is that you won’t have to wait for too long for the service. Besides a great quality service, we aim to offer prompt responses to all locksmith requests. We can help you on the spot and on the first visit with most of the common locksmith services. Because our locksmiths carry a big variety of door locks in their vans, they will be able to offer a fast and straightforward lock replacement service. Call SW Locksmith and wait for your door lock to be changed in 30 minutes.


Cylinder Rim Locks, Mortice Locks And All Commonly Found Locks To Be Changed On The First Visit

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If you are looking to have your door lock replaced or to secure your property fast, with us you don’t need to plan it ahead of time. We will secure any entrance point with our best door locks and keys. When it comes to your doors and windows, having all locks in full working order is mandatory in order to protect your property from intruders.

Get a new mortice lock, rim cylinder lock, euro-cylinder lock, sash lock, euro cylinder, window lock or uPVC door lock in minutes. Our expert will fix your door locks, install a new lock if that’s the case and test the entire locking system. Whenever you are hiring a locksmith it’s important to make sure you can shut your door or window properly. No worries, SW Locksmith is always making sure you get the best quality door locks. Testing the new lock and key is essential anytime you replace a door lock or a part of the lock.

Replace your basic locks with British Standard Locks

Have your basic locks replaced with British Standard Locks and get approved by any home insurance company quickly. We are always trying to help our clients when it comes to security and we are offering the best lock replacements that can get accepted by any home insurance company in the UK. It is important to keep your standards high when it comes to your security level. Therefore, we are prepared with high-security cylinder locks, mortice locks, window locks, bolts, cylinder rim locks, and so on. All the locks can have all levels of security, therefore all locks have different price brackets. Whenever you are looking to have an expert locksmith at your doorstep, get in touch with our locksmiths and they will present you with all types of door locks available. Replace your basic lock with a better option right now.

How can I tell if my locks are British Standard?

The British Standard must be met by your lock in order to achieve the best security level for your property. So, to reach this, you have to make the best lock choice for your particular property. A Locksmith will know exactly if your lock meets the standard. If you wish to try and find out yourself what’s your current situation with your locks, be careful and look closely at the lock’s faceplate for any BSI kitemarks. Sometimes the BS marks might not be noticeable while the doors are shut. Other times, the sign might be in the interior of the lock.

If you want to be sure, we offer a quick and trustworthy service and we can help you determine the right standard for your current lock. So, when having SW Locksmith over, you will know exactly if your lock is BS3621. Our trained staff is always there to help if you need anything or if you have any questions. Look for a lock that proudly sports the BS Kitemark on its top, since this denotes adherence to the necessary standards and offers an additional piece of mind. If you wish to change your door lock with a BS lock, we have a wide range of such locks. All door locks available can be either basic or BS: rim cylinder, sash lock, euro-cylinder lock, uPVC door lock, mortice sash lock, night latch and so on. Call us now for a fast secure service.

Have your Locked door open and your door lock replaced afterwards

If case you are locked outside with no key and need to open the door lock the hard way, we will be able to help fast. We can help with front and back doors issues. Whether you need to unlock your door or replace your door locks, we are here for it. Sort out your door lock and key issues and let us handle it from start to finish. Even if you are locked out we will have fast solutions and door lock alternatives. Let us help you as soon as you notice you can’t access your house. Our experts are just one phone call away. Secure your house now!

Can I change my locks myself?

This depends on the price you wish to put on your safety and security. With all the crimes on the rise in the UK capital, we would suggest you not take any risk, especially on your front door locks. Sometimes, it can be easy to DIY a change of a lock. But most of the time you risk ending up with a poor installation. Home improvements can take very little time if you know exactly how to do it. But choosing locks can be challenging with no experience. All locks have their own specifics, different measurements and different security levels. We would advise you to reach out to SW Locksmith for a quick and professional door lock replacement. Our mobile locksmiths are fully equipped and will finish this task in no time. Moreover, after this emergency locksmith service, you can be sure your doors are working well and you are fully secured.

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Contact us now for fast door lock change

Secure your place fast and call our experts in. We are ready to take care of your doors and locks in minutes. Call now and let us help with the best service in South West London. Enhance your safety and security by changing your door locks anytime it’s the case. Better safe than sorry!


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