ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
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Left keys inside house

Are you locked out of house because you left keys inside house? Do not worry, our door lock professional locksmith will help you gain access as soon as possible, even if you don’t have a spare key.

Our locksmiths carry special tools and all types of locks with them, so in case you need help you can reach out anytime. Gain entry with SW Locksmith in minutes. We will help you open your locking mechanism and unlock the door really fast. There is no reason not to call our emergency services. Reach out day and night for emergency security solutions.

Emergency locksmith for DOOR OPENING


If you are locked out with no spare keys and have no idea how to get your door unlocked, let us know about your issue and we will come to help. Call a locksmith and have your door locks sorted in minutes. We are always able to help you open your own lock by using destructive or non-destructive methods. Depending on your situation and your own house lock, we will try all the methods available for your particular situation. Get in touch now and call a locksmith. We are experts in handling all types of lockouts. Call us day and night for fast cost-effective solutions at your location.

Lockout with no way in? Get fast solutions when Left keys inside house

Emergency calls when you left the keys inside

In the unfortunate event that you accidentally lock your keys inside the house and become locked out, SW Locksmith should be your go-to source of support. Our locksmith can quickly resolve this stressful situation for you, thanks to their specialised training and full equipment. We have all the necessary tools and extended knowledge to help you in any situation regarding house lockouts.

How we will proceed when you are locked out

When you get locked out, all you want is to get back inside. Well, without a key you won’t be able to get back inside easily inside your apartment or house. Our locksmith’s skills come in handy when they address the situation with a calm and systematic approach. More than that, regardless if it’s an emergency or a non-emergency situation, they will know exactly how to proceed. So, you can call in the early hours or an afternoon glitch, we will have the same professional approach day and night. Call us and let our locksmiths offer the best solution for your location.

We can expertly pick locks or even rekey the lock if that is what is required, all while causing the least amount of harm to your belongings.

Our locksmiths know that their arrival will give you the peace of mind that a solution is close to reaching as you stand outside, possibly gazing through a window pane. So, we are problem solvers thanks to our deft handling of locks and comprehensive knowledge of security systems. Let us know if you need an expert and we will be there.

Is your door locked or unlocked with the keys stuck inside?

Keys Locked in House with Unlocked Door

If you’ve locked keys in the house only with the night latch, we might be able to help you open the door with nondestructive methods. You can forget your keys inside the house and get locked out really easily. In this case, check first-floor windows or try a coat hanger or wire hanger. There are other methods one can try such as thin piece of plastic card, credit card, bobby pins, mounting screws and so on. Sometimes you can get lucky and manage to open the front door, the back door or other doors with these simple methods. In case you can not manage to get inside your house by yourself, you might use the help of a locksmith to get inside.

Keys Locked in House with Locked Door

Another situation that happens really often is forgetting the keys inside the house and losing the spare key after the door was locked. In this case, the house keys from inside the house are not really helpful. Our fully-equipped emergency locksmiths will help you get inside without a house key. Call us now and unlock the door lock fast. We can help with simple methods but most likely this situation will require drilling. Get in touch with us to unlock the door easily.

What you can do before calling a locksmith when Left keys inside house:

See if you have a Spare Key Family member

Sometimes, the solution to your lockout is with a family member or a neighbour. When you know you left your front door house key with someone in the past, is worth to try and find the key before calling a locksmith as a last resort. Phone the neighbour, a friend, your landlord or a family member first and try to find the key before you break the lock. You might find the answer here and maybe you won’t need to try all the coat-hander or plastic card tricks. We are sure you are willing to try all the other possibilities before calling a locksmith. Let us know when you want us to come and start working.

Check the Back Door, Sliding Glass Doors or Windows

Also, you can’t go wrong with a double-check around the house. Have a look and try to find an open window if possible. Unlocked windows can be the solution when you want to avoid forcing the door to get inside. Also, you can try back Door or other entry points

In case all the windows are locked properly, we would suggest you call a locksmith as soon as possible. Having a broken window screen or broken glass might get more costly than a simple opening of the door locks with a professional. Get in touch whenever you need and our SW Locksmith will help you gain access fast.

Try the DIY methods

The internet is full of unprofessional ideas of how you can open the door lock by yourself but not all of them are worth trying. The bobby pins, credit card, coat hanger method or plastic card method are just a few. Be careful though, if you don’t really know what you are doing you might be able to cause more harm than good and damage the mechanical part of the lock. For example, when you push foreign things inside the lock you risk breaking the lock and you might need to replace it. Also, even if you have access to a drill, you need to know what you are doing while trying to open the door and door knob.

Let a locksmith handle the entire situation faster and he will make sure you are secure inside your house after opening the front door for you. The locksmith will always arrive promptly to rescue you from a lockout and skillfully will manoeuvre his tools to unlock the door. During this time, you can simply relax and watch through the window pane how easy it is for an experienced professional to help.

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Left keys inside house? WE ARE A TEAM OF EXPERTS


The South West of London is serviced by our company around the clock. So, no matter what is your security issue, SW Locksmith is a reputable local locksmith business ready to come and help with fast solutions.

Of course, our coverage region includes the entire South West London but we will offer a really fast response as are locals. We take great satisfaction in our high-quality work, punctuality, and professionalism as a mobile locksmith service.

Furthermore, whether you have an emergency or a scheduled appointment, our local locksmith strives to offer the best service and will make every effort to get to your door as soon as possible. After you contact us, we may be in the area faster than anyone. We are ready to help in South West of London in around 30 minutes after your call.


Most of the locksmith businesses in the area are not serving people around the clock. However, we work 24 hours to make sure you can swiftly offer you the assistance you need at any time.

Many of our clients will require a locksmith on the weekends, in the evenings, or in the morning when virtually no other London locksmith businesses are open. As a result, we make an effort to support you when you need it most. Reach out and let us know that you need our service, no matter if it’s early in the morning or late in the evening. When you are locked out and left the keys inside, we know the hour doesn’t matter anymore.

Additionally, we want to guarantee that everyone is happy with our 24-hour locksmith services.

Get in touch with our professional locksmith team now and gain entry at any time, with or without the house keys present.

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