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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7

Lock Installation & Fitting Services London

Are you struggling with your security and need a fast door lock installation at your property? Whenever you need fast lock installation and fitting services, SW Locksmith will offer fast solutions. Get the best door lock replacement right at your door with our locksmiths. We can help with a door lock change or full installation services. 

So, whenever you call, we will have all parts available on the spot and our technicians are ready to proceed with the lock installations in minutes. Call us and we will take care of you with a new lock: 07383010010




If you are looking to install new regular or British Standard locks, we are ready to help. Reach out and our experienced locksmiths will handle your old locks and will also be able to help you install new locks quickly. We can help with front door lock installation but also with internal doors. Reach out now for a high-quality lock solution at your location.




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Emergency Lock Installation London

Having a good lock is essential if you wanna make sure you are safe. By having the best security level for your home or business premises, you can get that peace of mind you need, day and night. With SW Locksmith you can get emergency lock installation services for basic or high-security locks. So, whether you need help with a night latch, British Standard rim cylinder lock, mortice sash lock or any lock mechanism, we will make sure you will get the best option available fast.

Of course, if you wanna make sure you have a good security level, the expertise of the locksmith is also important. So, if you wanna make it work, you need to know you get a proper installation when upgrading your current security measures.

How does it work?

Of course, when it comes to lock installation, we need to discuss options. We can help with a simple replacement lock but we can also offer solutions when it comes to new lock installation to upgrade the security level of a property.

So, let us know when you think you need help and we will be there to explain. Depending on your needs, our locksmith will treat each task step by step. Therefore, if you need to replace an old lock, or a worn-out lock or simply need an extra lock on a door, the expert will present you with the entire process. Also, it is a good idea to ask an expert to have a security assessment when moving into a new property. After a good inspection of the property, he will discuss the locks you can install, what are the available locks, and what is the process we will follow during installation.

Don’t worry, the entire process is pretty much straight forward and we are ready to assist you in minutes. Because the locksmith is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts, you can be sure that after deciding what is the best solution he will get straight to work.

Having your door lock fit and replaced by our expert locksmith

Whenever you need help, our locksmith will be there for you in the shortest time. Here are more details about our fast lock installation process with our experienced fully-equipped locksmiths. No matter if you have issues with your rim cylinder locks, mortice sash lock, deadlock, or other types of locks, the process is quite similar.

Get in touch and wait for our prompt help

We know how confusing it can be when you are trapped outside or need to hire a good technician to change locks or install new door locks on short notice. We are sure you will have questions about the process but here is a short step-by-step path of the entire process. Once the locksmith gets there he will be your guide but he will also do the execution of the plan in minutes.

Call and The Locksmith Will Get At Your Location In About 15-30 Minutes

Whenever you need help, our locksmiths will be there at short notice. Simply call our friendly team, provide your postcode and tell them your issue. Quickly you will get a call back from the technician that will show up to your location and he will be ready to assist as soon as he gets there.

First, he will assess the current state of your door lock and door frame. Together with the technician, you will decide what is the best plan of action – depending on your needs and non-negotiables. After the assessment, the locksmith will start the actual work on your door and he will make sure everything is according to what you have decided. Finally, after the testing phase, he will invoice the work and will collect the payment. Everything is a straightforward and fast process. Get in touch if you need any extra details and we will be happy to help.


Our step-by-step door lock installation process

Here is the step-by-step process you can expect when calling SW Locksmith:

  1. Assessment of the current situation and preps

  2. Start the actual work

  3. Testing the door lock and payment collection

Don’t hesitate to reach out and our experienced locksmiths will carry on the work immediately. Simply let us know what is your security issue and our emergency locksmith team will be in touch.

1. Assessment of the current situation and preps

During the assessment process, the locksmith will evaluate the current state of the property from a professional security expert perspective. He will make sure to point out all the weaknesses of the premises by offering suggestions on how you can improve the security of the place. Quickly after that, you can choose the option that suits you better and the locksmith will go right to his car to collect the materials and tools needed for the job.

Also, with us, you can be sure you will get the best door locks and solutions.

Evaluation of the Current Lock

The locksmith will start by looking over the door’s lock right when he gets there. He will then determine the kind of lock you need and he will let you know what are the solutions. For example, he will tell you if it’s a knob lock, deadbolt, or another door lock replacement or variation. Depending on the security and the measurements, he will let you know what type of lock installation you need.

Retrieve the Materials and Tools Needed

Shortly after you have decided together what is the lock replacement choice, he will gather the equipment and tools required for the replacement. For example, this could include screwdrivers, a tape measure, screws, a new lockset, and maybe a chisel in case the door needs to be altered. He will let you know what are the next steps before he starts installing locks or doing the necessary steps for lock fitting.

Choosing the Proper Replacement Lock

When choosing the replacement, you need to make sure you pick a replacement lock that works for you. It has to satisfy the door’s specifications, your budget and your security needs. Also, the locksmith will always ensure it works well with the door frame and the security that is already in place.

2. Start the actual work

After the first step is done, the security assessment takes place and the locksmith work will start. So, with us, you won’t have to wait for a second appointment or a second visit. All the door locks are readily available for the lock fitting. Here we are talking about a wide range of euro profile cylinder locks, mortice sash locks, some smart locks and other commonly found door locks.

Measurements and Marking

When the locksmith starts to do the actual work, he will determine the dimensions of the current lockset first. After that, he will use this information to do the basic marks for the new lock that should be installed on the door. You can be sure he will always double-check the measurements to avoid errors during the lock-fitting process.

Take Out the Old Lock

The locksmith will remove the old lock body by unscrewing it from the door once he has finished taking measurements. After that, he will test the new screws provided with the lock and any other components of the lock body that might need to be changed. This step is essential when installing professionally new door locks. Whether we are talking about rim cylinder locks, sash locks, night latches, high-security locks or any type of door locks, it is essential to have experience and know what you are doing. The entire process will vary depending on the locks, but you will get further advice on the go.

Preparations for the New Door Locks

At this stage, our quick locksmith will try to install the new lockset you have both decided on. So, he will most likely use a chisel, drill bit, and other commonly found tools – especially if the new lock requires modifying the door. Sometimes, for example, he needs to do a larger hole to fit a different lock type than the previous one you had installed. You can be sure he will be informed of any unique requirements for door preparation based on prior installation tests carried out under the manufacturer’s instructions. Secure your premises and ask for our specialist to help you with your installation.

Install the New Lock

Now, he will start the new lock installation process as recommended by the manufacturer of each lock. Before securely fastening the lockset, he will make sure it is aligned properly. Also, he will be using screws and all the tools available to offer a good solution and a professional installation, following all manufacturer’s instructions. Please note, that our works and locks are accepted by most insurance companies.

3. Testing the door lock and fast payment collection on the spot

Testing after The New Modifications

The locksmith will make sure you are secure and your lock will be completely locked at all times. So, he will turn the key or wiggle the locking mechanism to test the new lock. Moreover, he can test the full range of locks after the installation and he will then advise if additional security is needed. After that, he will make all the last modifications to guarantee seamless functioning. He will verify the strike plate’s alignment and make any necessary adjustments.

Securing and Last Verifications

At this time he will make sure the lock is installed as it should be and stays in place when it comes to the screws. Having a door lock locked properly is the key to a secure place and will help you prevent a potential break-in. Therefore, our locksmith will verify how the door lock closes and if the new door locks and latches are operating correctly. He will make sure the new high-quality lock functions smoothly and you can operate it easily after our lock fitting process.

Invoice and Fast Payment For The Service

When it is all done, the locksmith will take the payment for the services. Usually, we take the call-out payment in advance, when the locksmith gets to the spot and the remaining work payment when the job is done. We can accept digital payment but we can also take cash – so it’s up to you the method.


By following these steps, you can effectively prepare for the process of fitting and replacing a door lock with our company. Enhance your door’s security and functionality with our lock fitting service for all types of door locks.



What are the different types of locks?

Of course, there are several types of locks available for all types of doors. For example, traditional mortise locks are quite common and are well-known for strength and dependability.

Furthermore, rim locks, continue to be a standard option that can be found in many London homes. More than that, modern homes and commercial buildings will mostly have Euro cylinder locks because of their advanced features. Here we can include properties such as anti-snap, anti-pick, and anti-drill. So, there is a great option for all security needs.

Our locksmiths are ready to help you identify and change various types of locks. This is the first step you will take when looking to replace or secure a property. Whether you’re protecting a busy business or a charming Victorian terrace, our experts will make sure you have the right lock replacement choice for your door.

Popular choices: Mortice deadlock and Mortice sash lock

In London, most front doors are typically secured with mortice deadlocks and mortice sash locks. So, for primary entrance doors, the mortice deadlock is the best option. These London locks offer high-level security and require a key to operate the door lock both from the inside and outside.

Moreover, the mortice sash lock has the security of a deadlock. The difference is that has a handle or knob-operated latch mechanism. In this case, the door closes without a key.

These locks can provide strong security for a variety of door types such as exterior doors. More than that, these can be installed on most doors. For advice for any wooden door lock such as bedroom door, patio door and so on, we are here to help you choose the best option.

Another popular choice: Euro profile cylinder lock

Most house doors or commercial building doors use the rim cylinder lock or Euro profile cylinder lock because it’s a great way of protection. We can help you with all fast solutions regarding front door locks, rim or euro cylinder included. More than that, you can count on us when you have to open, install or replace a Euro profile cylinder lock. The lock offers a reliable security level and protection against unauthorised access.

Can I Fit The Lock Myself?

If you choose to do the task yourself, you need to be sure you know how to properly install door locks. Of course, security is the main goal when choosing to install locks, therefore it is crucial to know what you are doing when installing locks. An accurate lock fitting is done better when asking experienced professional locksmiths to come over to your place and help. For the best level of protection of your property and peace of mind, call SW Locksmith and we will help with the lock fitting and with the proper installation of your locks.

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