ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
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Locksmith Emergencies

Do you have locksmith emergencies and have no idea what company will come faster? With an average of 30 minutes of response to all locksmith emergencies, our team is ready to come to your place and help urgently. Moreover, our 24-hour emergency locksmith will help you gain access in minutes. Get our skilled emergency locksmith to help you with your door lock problems. SW Locksmith is at your disposal.


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Get a fast local locksmith in London whenever you need help. If you have lost keys and need all sorts of locksmith services, we have the services you need. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our emergency locksmiths are offering fast London services day and night. If you had your bag stolen, your lock broken, a break-in, or other unpleasant situation resulting in a key lost, our locksmiths are ready to offer assistance. Our job is to leave you feeling safe inside your secure house. Our professional locksmiths can provide fast door lock solutions, insurance-approved locks and locking systems, burglary repairs and solutions for all security problems. Moreover, they will provide all the necessary security products and 24-hour emergency locksmith services. Get a fast London locksmith at your doorstep, relax and let SW Locksmith handle the hard work.

Emergency Locksmith Services

attended within 10 min

Fast and Professional Emergency Locksmith Service

By calling our skilled locksmiths you can be sure you will have a professional to handle your locksmith job. Our dedicated team of locksmiths is fully equipped and ready to offer services and free advice. For all services, we have a fast response and call-out charges. Our emergency locksmith service is fast and efficient. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need a local locksmith.

Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services

Our emergency locksmiths in London can provide 24-hour security solutions for homes, offices or local businesses. We are fast and ready to help with a highly qualified team. Moreover, we can help you gain entry by using destructive and non-destructive methods. All our locksmiths are available around the clock and can offer a comprehensive range of door locks and emergency services.

Get the expert assistance you need with all emergency locksmith services. We are here to assist from simple replacement locks to the installation of new front doors.


Call our office anytime and we will be happy to help you with any questions or problems. Our response times are around 30 minutes after your call. We are trying to offer prompt responses around the clock with our London locksmith. Get in touch now and our 24-hour emergency locksmith service will be at your disposal in the shortest time.

Local Emergency locksmiths

Find an excellent locksmith near me today. An emergency can occur anywhere. Our expert Locksmith Services are accessible from 8:00 am until midnight, including weekends. We will answer your security questions quickly via phone. All the technicians are trained to operate any type of lock. So, whether we are talking about mortice lock issues, window locks, mul t lock, upvc door lock, locking system solutions and so on, our locksmith in London is ready to help. Call us and have your door lock open or repaired, your old door lock replaced in case you need new keys or a new lock installed. Our London Locksmith is happy to help fast.

Experienced London Locksmiths

Our professional locksmiths have years of experience with all London locks. Because we are offering fast and prompt service, it is mandatory to have fully qualified locksmiths available at all times.

Our emergency experts can help with fast services such as unlocking locked door locks, lock repair, lost key solutions, and emergency door lock replacement. Our emergency locksmith team undergoes important internal training which allows them to understand and apply fast all aspects of the locksmithing domain. This is an efficient and effective process and we are proud of our emergency locksmith team. We want to give your customers a fast solution, so they can solve any security issue fast and easily.

Call SW Locksmith for a fast locksmith in London and great emergency locksmith services.

Handling the unexpected with expertise

All lock emergencies are never planned or expected. Here, we are talking especially about lockouts but you can also get stuck inside your house pretty easily. So, when it comes to emergency locksmith-related situations, the unexpected lock issue can arise at any time.

Whether it’s a locked-out or locked-in problem, a broken key, or a malfunctioning lock, our locksmith will know how to treat them. After years of experience, we know pretty well that locksmith emergencies can be really stressful and disruptive. If you are wondering what are the common types of locksmith emergencies and how a skilled locksmith can swiftly and effectively resolve these situations, here are some more details.

Locked Out Situations

Of course, one of the most common locksmith emergencies is being locked out of your home or office. Our emergency door lock specialists are dealing with these issues daily.

Simply imagine returning home after a long day at work in the city, only to realize that you’ve lost your key or left your keys inside by mistake. We can imagine that is not ideal. These situations can be frustrating and can happen to anyone.

Typical Example: After going for a morning jog, John, a busy professional, discovered that he was locked out of his flat. He was terrified since his wallet and phone were locked inside and decided to call us right away. Our proficient locksmith arrived in about 15 minutes at his location. After analysing the situation, our locksmith managed to enter the flat using professional non-destructive methods. It was all done in 5 minutes. We are always happy to help and we will respond quickly anytime with professionalism.

Broken or Stuck Keys

Another common reason for using a 24-hour emergency locksmith is when the keys are the issue. Any time of the day or night, keys can break or get stuck in locks. This can happen due to various reasons, such as wear and tear, poor key quality, or maybe improper usage.

Whenever dealing with a broken key, do not worry and call us. SW locksmith is ready to help with your door security mainly in SW London but also around Greater London. Get in touch and have your door locks security sorted with professional locksmiths.

Example: It was a regular afternoon when Sarah was trying to unlock her office door as usual. At this point, her key snapped inside the lock and she froze. Being really frustrated and concerned about her privacy, she reached out to SW Locksmith looking for a fast solution. Our locksmith managed to be there within 20 minutes and quickly extracted the broken key. After that, he inspected the lock for any potential damage. He advised her to change the locks because of small damage and provided Sarah with a new set of keys after he changed the cylinder.

Lock Malfunction

As with anything that’s mechanical and used on a daily basis, something can go wrong anytime. Locks don’t make an exception and we are here to help. Even if normally it won’t happen really often, nothing is impossible. A lock can malfunction unexpectedly and this can make your day pretty complicated. Of course, when dealing with a lock malfunction, you can have problems when it comes to securing your property or even accessing it. So, whether it’s a jammed deadbolt, a malfunctioning rim lock, or a worn-out cylinder, a locksmith is here to offer the best solution. We have the expertise that is crucial to restore the functionality of the lock.

Example: Michael noticed that it was getting harder and harder to turn the lock on his front door. He called us while he was searching for a locksmith. The worn-out cylinder was the one causing the problems but our locksmith came with a quick solution and changed the rim, restoring Michael’s home security.

Burglary or Break-In Repairs

Of course, experiencing a burglary in the middle of the night or a break-in can be a traumatic event for anyone. Especially in such difficult situations, it’s essential to trust your locksmith and to let him secure your property immediately. We will make it a priority in reaching your address in the shortest time and we will help you prevent further risks by securing the property professionally.

Real-life example: Jenny’s house was broken into while she was on vacation. She is based in SW London and we were really quick when she called us. When they entered the house, the burglars damaged the front door lock during the break-in. Quickly after she reported the incident to the police, she called us and we were ready to help straight away. The locksmith has assessed the damage and reinforced the damaged locks. Our locksmith has provided Jenny with a sense of security during this distressing time and has also helped her a lot with security advice and recommendations.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Of course, another major issue in getting locked out is when you are losing your keys. So, if you have lost your keys or had them stolen, you need to think about how can you solve this issue as soon as possible. You can compromise your safety and security by ignoring the issue. So, as soon as possible, try and replace the lost or stolen keys with a new set. This includes a professional rekeying with our locksmith or maybe even a lock replacement in case the lock is really old and needs a refresh. In this case, it’s best to handle the job by calling a professional locksmith such as SW Locksmith.

Example: After a night out, David discovered his wallet and his house keys were missing. Quickly, he called SW Locksmith because we were offering 24-hour services and his neighbour has recommended us. Of course, David was worried about the potential security concern, especially at such a late hour. Minutes after his call, our locksmith made his way to the property. His home’s locks were rekeyed and we made sure that any misplaced keys would no longer grant access to anyone that finds them.

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