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The lock won't open from outside

The lock won’t open from outside – are you having lock issues with a lock won’t open from outside? SW Locksmith is the best local locksmith to help you with solutions! Our professional locksmith is ready to assist you with your old lock or with a new lock if that’s the case.

Of course, a locking mechanism can have different issues when something goes wrong but our professional locksmith is ready to analyze them and assist you. Get SW Locksmith at your location and have your lock problems sorted out. If the lock problems stop you from entering or securing your property, you can be sure you need emergency locksmith assistance as soon as possible.

SORT OUT YOUR lock won’t open from outside issue WITH SW LOCKSMITH


As locksmiths, we understand how difficult it can be to have a stuck lock. Such an incident could happen to anyone and can make you feel helpless and lost. Imagine arriving home to relax after a long day only to see your key does not fit into the lock or your key breaks. Maybe you are in this situation right now and have no idea what to do. Well, we are here to assist and offer all locking mechanism solutions. We are aware that there's a lot of pressure when you can not open the door locked as usual. A locked door with no key or a stuck lock is the worst-case scenario but sometimes it can be just a "lock won't open from outside" issue. Don't worry, anytime you need, we will be here to help. Our experts will help you fix a door lock issue in minutes.

Avoid a Frustrating Experience with a Stuck Lock

Solutions For A Lock that is not opening from outside with SW Locksmith

If you have found SW Locksmith, just a single call will solve your issue. More than that, our skilled locksmiths will be at your location in minutes and will check up on the lock that won’t function as usual. We are equipped with all the necessary tools to help you when dealing with a problematic lock and we can get it unlocked quickly.

Moreover, our professional locksmiths have the skills needed to unlock even the most challenging locks. If you’re reading this, this is your sign to call us and protect your place from further damage.

Ask SW Locksmith to help you

SW Locksmith will always be ready to help. Among the things we are asked to take care of daily are broken tumblers, worn-out keys, and broken mechanisms. Needle nose pliers can not fix any lock issue you have and a locksmith has to assess the situation. But don’t worry, we’re equipped and we have plenty of experience when it comes to lock problems. We can resolve all door locks issues and we will help you return to your home immediately.

Thus, if you ever come across a stuck lock or one that is not locking from outside, don’t panic. You can give us a call for fast immediate assistance whenever you have an issue with your door lock.

Drop us an email or call right away if there’s an emergency. Trust the local locksmith’s experience when it comes to any lock job. We will help you get back inside your home, no matter if you have wooden doors or upvc door lock issues.

Why is my door not opening from the outside?

Hardware issues are not rare but we are here to help whenever there’s a fault. The failure of your door to open from the outside could be caused by several factors. For example, it can be a misaligned door frame, a broken lock, or even a problem with the key itself. In addition, the changing weather or debris can make it difficult to open the door.

As soon as you notice something not working as usual, try and seek assistance. SW Locksmith is a good locksmith ready to handle these issues. We will inspect the door and lock mechanism and will let you know the underlying cause of the problem. As soon as we know the issue we will proceed with the required repairs or adjustments to guarantee smooth operation.

More about locking mechanisms and door locks

Have you ever encountered the annoying circumstance where your door just won’t open from the outside? It’s a common occurrence that could aggravate and confuse you.

Key Cylinder Door Lock Problems:

Oftentimes, a door that won’t open from the outside is caused by a broken key cylinder. Therefore, the correct key insertion and turning may become sometimes impossible.

Here are some of the most important causes of this situation:

  • rust

  • accumulation of dirt

  • broken internal components

An expert locksmith should be consulted if there is resistance when attempting to turn the key. This could indicate that there is a problem with the key cylinder.

Misaligned Door Alignment:

Misalignment of the door and frame is another common reason why opening a door from the outside is difficult.

Here are some causes why the alignment might be involved:

  • the settling of the building foundation

  • constant variations in humidity and temperature

  • general wear and tear over time

To realign the parts for a smooth operation you might require adjusting the door hinges or frame to the normal position.

Jammed Deadbolt or Latch:

A jammed latch or deadbolt appears when too much force is used to lock or unlock the door.

Causes of a jammed deadbolt or latch:

  • debris builds up

  • an internal component fails

  • the latch mechanism is misaligned with the strike plate.

A locksmith can fix this by properly aligning the strike plate and sometimes by lubricating the latch mechanism. He will let you know what are your options once he gets there and assesses the situation.

Broken or damaged lock components:

Over time, internal parts or the locks may cause the lock to break.

  • wear out

  • outside influences like attempted break-ins

  • vandalism may physically harm the lock

In these situations, it might be essential to replace the lock or fix the broken parts to get functionality again. Get a professional locksmith to help you as soon as you need.

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How to combat the problem of locks that won't open from outside

If you have no idea how to deal with a broken key or broken lock, you can’t retract the latch lock or simply the lock won’t open from outside, our expert will help you with your lock issue quickly.

Get in touch and let us know how our local locksmith can help you. We can either help you repair the lock or we can help with a new lock, depending on your lock problems. Prevent further damage and let us know how we can help. Call a locksmith to unlock the door and SW Locksmith will turn up quickly.

The main reasons why a lock won’t open from the outside

Here are some of the main reasons why a lock won’t open from the outside. It’s always important to ask a locksmith to come and help you analyze the issue and unlock the door.

– Keyway Obstructions: over time, dirt, debris, or foreign objects can accumulate within the keyway. As trusted locksmith professionals, we’re equipped with specialized tools and techniques to address keyway obstructions effectively.

– Internal Mechanism Malfunctions: the lock mechanism may become worn, damaged, or misaligned over time. We can realign internal components, lubricate moving parts, or replace worn-out components. we’re committed to restoring your lock’s functionality to its optimal state.

– Keyway Alignment: door frame issues or improper installation can cause keyway alignment issues. We can realign the keyway and optimise its configuration anytime that’s the case.

– Lock Cylinder Replacement: irreparable damage, extensive wear and tear, or outdated technology can lead to replacing the lock cylinder. We can help with high-quality replacement for the locking mechanism.

Recent Scenarios Addressed when the "lock won't open from outside"

Looking at our recent actual cases makes it simpler to fully understand and explain the door lock problems and security breaches. A burglary at a house due to a broken lock, or someone stealing business keys without authorization is just some of the last jobs we had to deal with. All these situations demonstrate the importance of maintenance and key control.

Get in touch as we can determine the best ways to keep your locks secure and your property safe by taking the lessons learned from these situations.

Residential Break-In Due to Malfunctioning Deadbolt:

A recent case that is interesting to follow would be something that happened in SW3 recently. John is a homeowner who had his front door deadbolted, but he still had a break-in at his house. After further examination, we found that the deadbolt had loosened over time. Of course, this made it simple for the burglar to force the door open and get around the lock.

This unfortunate event emphasises how crucial it is to check and maintain deadbolt locks. You need to make sure these are fully working to offer sufficient security for your house.

Commercial Property Burglary Caused by Key Duplication:

When a lot of stock disappeared overnight at her retail location in Chelsea, Sarah, the owner of a small business, realised there had been a security breach and she called us to help. The security footage showed that the perpetrator had entered the building with a duplicate key. Our commercial locksmith was prepared to help her with a keyed-like high-security lock that comes with a security card for better key control. The new lock is also a British Standard lock.

After further investigation, it was discovered that one of the former employees had created a duplicate key before leaving the company. This incident could have been prevented with high-security locks and key control. This example should serve as a reminder of the need for strict key control policies inside all businesses. Also, a regular lock replacement or rekeying to prevent unauthorised access could be a solution.

New lock solutions

Our locksmiths can assist you with new lock solutions if you believe you need a new lock. We’re dedicated to successfully and efficiently restoring functionality and security to your locks by taking care of keyway obstructions, internal mechanical problems, keyway alignment, and lock cylinder replacement as necessary. Seek the assistance of locksmith specialists to unlock peace of mind right away and don’t let a recalcitrant lock bring you down.

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