ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7

Lock Fitting

Lock fitting and new door locks replaced on the spot with our locksmith services

Looking to have a fast lock fitting and lock replacement service at your property? Our door lock services are available around the clock. Get in touch and we will help with fast locksmiths at your location. We will install, replace and fit new locks day and night.

Call our SW Locksmith and our professional locksmiths will be there right away. More than that, we’ll proceed with a fast replacement plus lock fitting in minutes. All door locks are available with our locksmiths, including various high-security locks and British standard locks.


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No matter what types of door locks you need, our professional locksmith is ready to carry on. Once you call us, we will get there in about 30 minutes. We will help you with front door lock solutions and fast lock replacement. Replacing and installing locks is one of the most popular services within our company and our experienced locksmiths can help with a replacement lock around the clock. No matter what lock you require, call us anytime. We will come up with a solution.

Fast Lock Fitting, Change & Replacement

attended within 10 min

Door Lock replacement & fitting or upgrade

If you want to replace your door lock and window lock, our certified locksmith can replace it for you. You may also want to upgrade your locks to conform to a standard insurance policy. Or maybe you require the replacement of damaged locking hardware. In any of these cases, we are ready to help with a fast door lock fitting, door lock replacement or door lock installation.

More than that our lock fitting service is available for door lock or window locks. So, whenever you need a new lock solution, we will be there.

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  • Meet our expert in 10-20 minutes at your location
  • Enjoy your secured property 100%

Various locks are available to be fitted for all doors

Whether we are talking about mortice sash lock solutions, window locks, mortice locks, Yale locks, smart locks or magnetic door locks, our lock fitting is always available together with the replacement service.

Call us now and let us present you with all window or door lock solutions. We would be happy to help with a new lock for your front wooden door, patio door, interior door and so on. Depending on your specific needs, our locksmiths will secure your property with a new mortice sash lock or mortice lock, rim cylinder, mul t lock, night latch or any replacement lock you need. Lock fitting and lock installations are available anytime with our experts. So, reach out and ask for a repair, a replacement lock with a fitting or a new lock installation. You’ll have your old locks sorted in minutes, especially if you have lost keys.

Euro profile cylinder locks

Are you looking for a euro profile cylinder lock solution? Our cylinder rim locks and euro profile cylinder lock solutions are always available. Get in touch and we will help with fast services for your property.

Have no idea how to replace your thumb turn rim cylinder or maybe you are looking for an upgrade for the commonly found rim cylinders? No worries, our fully qualified security experts are prepared to fit and supply a full range of locks, including any type of rim cylinder or mortice lock. Also, they can work with new locks for both interior doors or external doors.

With us, all types of door locks are available. When it comes to lock fitting or door lock installation, it’s important to ask an expert how to proceed. For example, our locksmiths will always pay attention to your security level, but also to your door frame and the way the lock works with the overall design of the house. We like to take into consideration all lock characteristics when replacing a lock. Replace your locks for doors and windows with our fully qualified locksmiths.

Secure your house and prevent a Break in

Break-ins are getting more and more common in England, especially in London. Due to the cost of living crisis, many people choose to break into other people’s homes that are not fully secured. Therefore, we would recommend an investment in your security level to keep away unwanted events.

Whenever you need an extra lock or a security upgrade for your old lock, we will be there with the best alternative on the market. Not only we can do a lock fitting or a lock installation fast, but we can also recommend the best door locks for your specific property. Get professional locksmiths and fast services for your property by calling us to help with your cylinder, keys, sash locks, smart locks, window locks, mortice sash lock, high-security locks, and so on.

When you call us, you can get a security assessment with an expert for all door locks and window locks. Our locksmiths will always recommend a lock installation when that is necessary to keep you safe.

New house, new door lock fitting and replacement

Have you recently moved into a new place? Whenever you move houses, you have to make sure you are doing a full check on doors and windows. Security is the most important aspect in a new home and our locksmith is here for it. Repair, change or install all the necessary locks to make sure you are safe around the clock. Why count on an agency or a landlord when you can be sure you are safe inside your own house? You will never know who has the key to your front door if you don’t have full control over it. By rekeying or changing locks, you can make sure the security is in place at your new location and all your valuables are stored safely inside, day and night.

Moreover, one of the first things to do when moving in is to make sure all door locks are firmly locked. Lock and unlock all the locking mechanisms inside your new property when you move in. Moving into a new house is all about checking and prevention. Find out more about your door locks by calling our lock installation experts. They will offer advice and recommendations in regard to all types of door locks.

Door lock installation

If you have no lock on your door or simply want to up your security level with an extra door lock, you can get a fast lock installation service with our locksmith. When calling us, you will have a new lock with a new key up and running in minutes. Get your wooden doors locks upgraded with new cylinders, mortice locks or security mechanisms. All types of installation services are available with our locksmiths.

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, there is a wide range of door lock solutions available with our technicians. Have your doors checked and new locks installed anytime you feel the need for an upgrade. Why wait to get locked out of your house when you can prevent an unwanted event? Secure your house now with a door lock installation. Secure your doors and have them locked properly to prevent theft or other unwanted access. Replace your lock now.

Get all locks under one key

If you are looking to have more locks operating under the same key, we can make it happen. You can have a new key and lock installation on several doors or on the same door. Our security expert can fit several locks operating under the same key on the same day. Simply let us know about your request and a professional locksmith will help you quickly with a special installation. Install locks that operate under the same key with professionals! We will provide the locks, the key, the security card and the lock fitting.

We will supply and fit great quality new locks

When calling SW Locksmith, you can be sure we will offer the best service. So, when reaching out, the locksmith will fit your new locking system right after you decide what lock option you need. No worries, our expert will come fully equipped and will be able to offer a wide range of efficient new locks of choice. Depending on your doors and on your budget, he will help you choose the best option.

Call our locksmiths anytime and install a new lock right away. SW locksmith can install the new door locking system for any property and any door, to ensure you’re safe inside your house.

What types of door locks will the locksmith bring?

SW Locksmith offers a wide range of door locks and window locks. Therefore, our technicians will offer a vast array of high-security locks but they can also help with basic locks. In other words, we will help with lock replacement and lock fitting for all types of locks. With us, you can install any type of locks such as window locks, smart lock systems, 2-5 lever mortice locks, cylinders, rim locks and so on.

Can I fit the lock myself?

Of course, as security experts, we won’t recommend you try and fit locks yourself if you don’t have the experience. Fitting locks or security products with no experience is not the best decision and most of the time you need experience in order to make them work properly. Moreover, changing locks manually with no expertise is dangerous for you as you can be exposed without knowing it. If the lock is incorrectly fitted it may cause the lock to snap and might be an easy target to all thieves. Secure your house and let a professional lock and key expert handle your security for your peace of mind.

Get professional lock fitting in London

If you need a professional lock fitting and replacement in London, SW Locksmith is the best service provider you can find in the area. We are operating in SW London and we are ready to help with any lock installation, lock replacement and lock fitting.

If you are not familiar with the process, a good lock installation requires expertise and a lot of experience. For example, we won’t recommend leaving your security in the hands of a simple inexperienced handyman, that has never installed a lock before. Locks are really important parts of a house and require special attention and installation.

Also, be careful when choosing the lock. Of course, the best locks will always be purchased from the qualified professionals. We pride ourselves on a really wide range of high-quality locks, that promise to last. Moreover, over the years, most of our clients were really happy with the quality of our parts. Be careful when calling locksmiths as not all of them are using new and tested parts. We are obsessed with quality long-lasting locks, so you can be sure we will help with the best locks on the market. A lock ensures the security of our properties and we are ready to guarantee our jobs and services.


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