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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7

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Ultion LOCKOUTS OR Ultion LOCK CHANGE AND FITTING Available 24 hours in London
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Are you thinking about upgrading the standard locks on your front door? Are you having trouble with your Ultion lock and need the same replacement? It’s critical to choose the right locksmith anytime you have security issues. With us, you can be sure you will get all the security features you need and the best Ultion Locks fitted on the spot.

Empower Your Security with Lockdown Mode when a forced entry is detected

Be ready to prevent a burglary with a superior lock installed on your door on the same day – we aim to be there in about 30 minutes after your call but we can also do an appointment if that works better. So, anytime you call us, we will make your home safe with the best security locks on the market. Call SW Locksmith and have a Sold Secure Diamond accredited lock installed on your door today! Avoid major attacks or lock snapping with Ultion door locks. Ultion detects forced entry and will keep you safe.

Day and night, SW Locksmith is ready to help you with all your security goals in today’s security-conscious society. We have experts ready to help and to give advice when it comes to locks. They will tell you how quickly locked doors open if you don’t have an Ultion cylinder that activates lockdown mode when there’s a breaking attempt.

Moreover, our Ultion Locksmith specialist stands out and provides unmatched security against burglars by installing the Ultion locks doors perfectly. Therefore, you can be sure that anytime you reach out, SW Locksmith will give homeowners the peace of mind they need when installing or repairing their Ultion lock.

Replace an inadequate cylinder lock with an Ultion Lock

Sometimes, the cylinder installed on your door comes with simple to no security features. What you need to know is that every end of the Ultion lock feature 20 hardened steel pins and plates that are positioned precisely for extreme durability, to protect your lock from a drill attack.

Ultion is a police-preferred specification and a master locksmith association choice when it comes to good locks. Moreover, the creators of Ultion believe in their locks that can withstand attack so much that they offer a £2000 Guarantee in case the attackers are reaching Ultion’s core. They claim you can trust in their locks with their own money—£2000, to be exact – more details on the genuine Ultion keys card. No worries, you will get the original Ultions keys set with any lock installation with our locksmiths.

Ultion Locksmith – Unbeaten in every test and anti-everything, literally

Do you know that Ultion 3 Star PLUS offers total defence against attempts at burglars? Ultion locks present impressive features such as anti-pick, anti-bump, and anti-drill and demonstrate resistance to all forms of interference. So, with a properly installed lock, you can be sure you will be fine in case of any manipulation attempts. Therefore, when someone tries to gain access and break in, they immediately activate the security features of the lock and you will be fully protected. Moreover, with Ultion’s £2000 Guarantee, you can have peace of mind in addition to security. Trust Ultion for the best protection available for your house.

20-point drill protection with an Ultion Locksmith

With their cutting-edge 20-point drill protection system, Ultion locks impress all the time. These locks help your home security and will give you a level of peace of mind never before possible.

Every Ultion lock is reinforced with several defensive layers that are positioned strategically to resist drilling attempts. This way, the exterior and inner workings of the lock provide strong security against breaking in.

Because Ultion locks are designed with a 20-point drill protection system, even the most determined burglars will be unable to gain entry. As an extra feature, besides the 20 hardened steel pins and plates there’s a hidden firing pin in Ultion’s core secures the central cam – this will stop the intruder from being able to open the door. You can be sure the Ultion locks survive lock break-ins easily because of the lockdown mode that Ultion creates.

Sold Secure Diamond, 11 pins, fully-tested and resistant

Not only it has the Sold Secure Diamond but Ultion locks are far superior when it comes to pins. Because most locks with security only have five or six pins Ultion makes use of 11. This indicates that Ultion generates almost three times as many key combinations as needed to achieve the highest level – 294970 differs. Their engineering is unique not only because of its robustness but also because of its demonstrated performance in practical applications.

Also, compared to most security locks, they have been tested by all the main testing bodies and have passed everything in a few seconds! These locks have been put through a rigorous testing process that mimics the different drilling techniques used by skilled intruders, and each time they have come out clean.

You can be sure that your house is protected from even the most advanced threats when Ultion locks are installed. Ultion offers unparalleled security, enabling you to experience peace of mind like never before, whether you’re at home or away.

Ultion Key Control - the UK's thickest key protected by KeyControl

If you are willing to have a lock with the thickest key available in the UK market, Ultion is the answer. Not only does the Ultion detect a lock attack but it also comes with precisely cut keys that have a profile that is 60% thicker than those of their rivals. Of course, the keys are providing better resistance to breaking and bending. Your door will look great, feel solid, and have a great multi-point lock installed. Get the highest Kitemark star rating when it comes to locks and ask us to come and install an Ultion lock on your door. Also, take advantage of their key control function and track who has the keys to your property at all times. We are sure you won’t regret it.

Protect your whole home with just one key for all locks

There are a few locks available when it comes to keyed-alike services and Ultion is one of the locks that have key control and offer a solution when it comes to operating your locks with the same key. Besides drilling protection, snap protection and bump protection, Ultion keys are also remarkable. Not only do they offer more key combinations than any other lock provider, but you can also get a keyed-like service with this brand. For example, if you want to access all of your Ultion Locks Star Plus with just a single Ultion Key, this is possible with us. We will make sure to install and help with the keyed-alike process. Why carry all the different keys when you can have only one for all locks? Also, we are ready to help with extra keys for the same purpose.

Approved by SW Locksmith and Leading Professional Local Locksmith Companies

SW Locksmith is always using Ultion locks when it comes to high security and full house protection. In our expert opinion, Ultion Locks is the go-to choice for complete home security and high-security solutions.

So, SW Locksmith and other respectable neighbourhood locksmith businesses are using Ultion Locks daily when the lock fits the door and the client’s expectations. Therefore, you can rely on us when it comes to Ultion Locksmith services as we will be ready to provide you with the Ultions and professional services on the spot.

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