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Insurance Approved Locks

Get Insurance Approved Locks fast, at your doorstep. Are you in need of emergency London locksmith services? Our locksmiths in SW London are fast and well-equipped with all types of locks. They are ready to help and install any lock, at any hour. Get in touch now. 

Ready to save on home insurance?

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Insurance Approved Locks help you to obtain a better deal on your home insurance! Also, they prevent a possible unpaid claim with your insurance company. If your locks comply with your insurance, you will have no problems with a claim in an unfortunate event. So, if you do not have locks that are in compliance with your insurance policy, the insurance company will not pay you out in the event of a burglary. Save time and money and install BS locks!

Good Overall Security

Feel safe in your house with the best locks on your door. More important the insurance requirement is the safety of your home/business. When you know your family or all your belongings secure, you have a better life quality.

12 Months Warranty

Because we work only with durable and original locks, we can offer 12 Months Warranty on the locks we are installing on your door. 

Insurance Approved locks with SW Locksmith

Insurance Approved Locksmith - SW Locksmith

Are you in need of Insurance Approved Locks? Fit your Insurance Approved locks with SW Locksmith today! Many of us reach the point where we’re looking to ensure our properties. It’s incredible how many of our clients have no idea what’s the lock security request they need on their door, in order to be approved by the insurance companies in the UK. Also, SW Locksmith may reach some of your interest points regards your insurance lock requirements together with some advice for you.

Insurance Approved Locks - Insurance policy lock requirements

Firstly, when you have the chance, always upgrade the lock you already have on your door. A locksmith is not allowed to downgrade the security level of your property when he changes locks. Therefore, when you ask a locksmith to come, in case of a lockout or just for a lock change, bear in mind that you have to keep the same security level. 

Secondly, if you need a new lock / new locks, no matter the reason for the lock change, we would advise you to try to improve your security. As we all know, especially in case of a lockout, it might be tempting just to replace the lock with the same security level or with the same brand. For sure, it was an unplanned expense and you wanna solve this the cheap way. But we recommend you to have a chat with our security expert first. See what possibilities do you have for your door and balance the pros and cons of each option. Sometimes you might end up paying less for another brand with better security! Our locksmith will help you out for sure, just call and book an appointment. 

Insurance Approved Locks - Check with us if your looks are BS

Another reason to call SW Locksmith would be just for your peace of mind. Even if we explain more about the way you can recognize if a lock is insurance approved on our website, you can just call us to be sure whether your lock complies or not with the insurance requirements.

Before calling us, the first thing to do is to check with your home insurance provider what they are asking of you when it comes to locks. In most cases, they will ask for BS3621 locks. However, you should know that the insurance policy requirements are the latest BS3621 revision. In short, SW Locksmith recommends checking the stamp of your existing locks to make sure that fits to the latest version.

Are your locks Insurance Approved Locks?

When you’re looking to buy insurance approved locks, you have to keep in mind that this term is used mostly by insurance companies or security product sellers. We can help you out with insurance rated locks or insurance compliant locks anytime! All out locks are BS3621 door locks and are suitable locks for home insurance.

Insurance approved locks – the term means that the locks need to conform to security standards, for instance, the famous BS3621British Standard Kitemark. In most cases, these locks are suitable, as most home insurance companies do recognize BS3621 as being a reliable standard of security. We are on the same page! All the BS locks are strong and our clients are happy with the standard of security after we install the lock.

This being said, it is very important to keep in mind that not all insurance policies are the same or have the same requirements. For example, your insurance policy may depend on the geographical area. For instance, if you’re living in a ‘low crime’ area or ‘under the gate’ security premises, your insurer might not require BS3621. It’s always better to have a look at your insurance policy specifications. Therefore, SW Locksmith advises you always check your policy before calling!

Insurance Approved Locks are your locks insurance approved

Insurance Approved Locks

Insurance Approved Locks - Brits are not aware that...


…their house can be burglarized when the door is unlocked.


…their house can be burglarized with a lost key.


…their house can be burglarized with a spare key.

Insurance Approved Locks are your locks insurance approved

Insurance Approved Locks

Insurance Approved Locks

What should I do to satisfy my insurance policy?

Some home insurance policies need you to know what kind of door lock types you have or if you have insurance compliant locks. Our helpful website is your key to identifying what you have in your home or garden. Also, if you call us, SW Locksmith can help you to find a quick and better solution for your policy. We can guide you through a few possibilities and we can work with your budget.

The security on most of the doors in London is assured with standard rim cylinders together with standard latches. These are ofter known as “top lock” or “secondary lock”. These locks are usually above the Mortice locks or “bottom locks”. A mortice lock requires a key to both lock and open it. Your home insurer may ask that it complies with British Standard BS3621.

Of course, there will be deviations. For example, it’s important the type of doors you have: old doors will come with old-style locks. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the locks are not secure. More than that, another example can be a wooden door with non-British Standard locks, but protected by a mechanical metal door/gate (usually, metal gates are heaving mortice locks). In both cases, the above examples can be fine, as the insurance policies may be different from case to case. SW Locksmith will guide you in this process if you need it. Therefore, we will have a close look at what you already have and what the requirements are. Moreover, SW Locksmith can easily help you by analyzing, proposing new solutions, quoting, and executing this kind of duty for you.

For Insurance Approved locks, call SW Locksmith.

insurance approved british standard vs regular lock

What locks do I already have installed? Are they Insurance Approved Locks?

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  • What is a secure lock?
  • Is my UPVC multi-point mechanism compliance with the Home insurance policies?
  • What is a cylinder?

My Door locks meet insurance requirements?

First, you might be curious first if you already have insurance compliant locks on your door. Also, your insurance depends on the location of the property and what type of security you already have when you fill in the home insurance policy form. However, is easy to deduct that companies are looking to insure you when you already have good and secure locks installed on your door (doors). BS3621 is a good starting point.


What is a secure lock?

The answer here is wide but we will offer you some examples. For instance, Mortice locks are secure locks. So, if you need a clue, always check for five levers marked on the faceplate or for the Kitemark symbol. As you might know, is a key that operates the lock has external use and a hard-to-break design.

night latch

Night Latches (top locks) can be secure or even BS3621. In general, they come in two forms: standard night latches and deadlocking night latches.

Standard – locks the door automatically unless you use the snib to hold the latch back

Deadlocking – locks automatically and needs a key to open the door from inside and outside.SW Locksmith informs you that deadlocking latches are more secure.

Insurance Approved Locks upvc mechanism

Is my UPVC multi-point mechanism compliance with the Home insurance policies?

Multi-point locking systems are now commonly used and are found mainly on UPVC doors. Mostly, a multi-point system has a minimum of three locking points that all lock simultaneously with the turn of a key. That means that once you operate the handle, at least 3 points on the door are active. Of course, the points on the door are different. It depends on the type of multi-point mechanism you have.

However, SW Locksmith can help you, regardless of the number of security points your multi-point mechanism. At the end of the process, the door is operated by your cylinder. So, the cylinder is really important! Here is a key spot for your security.

In conclusion, your insurance company may ask you to fit a BS profile cylinder that operates your mechanism. So, yes! Not only the mortice locks or the night latches are British Standard. The door can also be, as a total, insurance complaint.

What is a cylinder?

Cylinder locks are a common type of lock found on doors. In London, the wide term used for the cylinder is “barrel”. In this case, you need to check with your home insurer whether this type of lock is acceptable, as some types of cylinder locks are vulnerable to a technique known as lock snapping. Also, a cylinder is pickable in many cases. For instance, picking is a technique used by some burglars to get in. Just so will understand better, if someone will pick a cylinder it means that the tools he uses a tool that replaces the real key, in a way or another. Therefore, the cylinder has action and it can unblock your multi-point mechanism. Both these methods are SILENT methods of getting into your property! SW Locksmith comes with front door cylinders recommendations, and these are good insurance rated locks examples.

Insurance Approved Locks with locksmith near me 24 hour
Lock Upgrade BS Insurance Approved in Battersea

Insurance Approved Locks

What locks I can change or add, so I will have Insurance Approved Locks?

You easily can call your insurance company and ask them what locks they require. Also, many of the companies will ask for pictures or any other confirmation regards your security. Therefore, it’s important to know how many access points you have. For example, it may be important on what floor the apartment is, so on and so forth. Once finished, it’s time for a locksmith company to do the next step for you! SW Locksmith can help any time in this matter. 

What can we do so you will have Insurance Approved Locks?

Of course, SW Locksmith can analyze your security, advise you, offer alternative solutions, and finally help you fit/install new locks. Keep in mind that is better to have a professional opinion that backs your policy. Therefore, sometimes is not enough to have security only on your doors. Sometimes, you need a security expert to attend the property. He can have a look at your windows, back door, garden door, or even your garage door. Therefore, SW Locksmith offers a professional approach when it comes to your security.

Insurance Approved Locks

How a lock can affect your insurance?

Surely, there are hundreds of examples from our vast locksmith experience. But, before you do anything on your own, please check everything first with your insurer. For example, you can’t find your keys. We SW Locksmith will never recommend you to change your lock before you have a chat with your insurance company. After you know what you are allowed to do, call us. Our professional locksmith team works 24 hrs .

For instance, if you’re in a hurry and you wanna change the lock after a lockout, SW Locksmith advises you to install a lock at least with the same level of security as the previous one. So, at least like for like. If you have home insurance, DO NOT change your existing locks with weaker locks. It might be cheaper or you might be in a hurry but, believe it or not, IT MAY AFFECT YOUR POLICY!

ALWAYS close ALL your existing locks when nobody is at the property! It’s shocking how many of the Londoners leave their door not closed properly. This is the best scenario for burglars. If something bad happens while you’re not home, you risk not be covered by your insurer. For example, if one of your security locks (the Mortice lock, for instance) wasn’t close, the insurance is not helping you anymore in case of a burglary.

In conclusion, if you don’t know how to approach your security issues, feel free to call SW Locksmith. If you need advice or solution, SW Locksmith is at your disposal 24/7!

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