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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7

CISA Lock Locksmith Solutions

Are you locked out and your Cisa lock is stuck or not working? Do you need help and have no idea who is your best nearby locksmith? If you are based in South West London, our emergency team SW Locksmith will get there.

We are specialists and we can handle all types of locks immediately – including some CISA locking issues. Call us now and let us help you quickly: 07383010010

About CISA Lock

CISA is an Italian locking and access control system really popular in London. The acronym CISA stands for Centruzioni Italiane Serrature e Affini. This security business was founded in 1926 in Florence, by Luigi Bucci and is now really popular in the UK and all around the world.

The Italian company is the first one who have a patent for the first electrically controlled lock. It’s mostly used for the main entrance door but also gates. Also, CISA develops the first smart-card locks, using an electronic key(fob), to operate the gate entrances. Today CISA successfully operates in over 70 countries by developing locks for any kind of door, door closers, panic bars, and so on.

CISA Locks in the UK

In the UK, “CISA electric” is used pretty often on the communal front doors. Probably meanwhile you’re reading this article you may remember the well known electrical lock with the red button on it. By pressing the red button, an electrical impulse releasing the latch from the keepers so you can get out. The simple fact that you’re pressing not pulling or pressing a lever (stands for the majority of the night latches) makes CISA even more secure. No wonder the “CISA electric” latch is installed on most UK front doors. These locks work from the exterior only by turning a key into a rim-cylinder.

SW Locksmith can handle your CISA Lock Isuess

SW Locksmith recommends having a good security level of the exterior cylinder when it comes to the CISA locking system. For instance, we advising you to have at least an anti-picking rim-cylinder.

More than that, we think that is best to have a good cylinder engaging with the interior “CISA electric” for a few reasons:

  • it strengthens the security
  • there is a weak point in having strong security on the inside, which can be easily defeated by picking the rim-cylinder
  • it’s good to have a strong cylinder because we know from our vast experience that even if the front door has also a mortice lock underneath (bottom lock/deadlock), nobody closes it. The reason is unknown but we may figure it out, by saying that residents are closing their doors plus the front door is auto-locking with CISA. “So what’s the point of closing the bottom lock of the communal front door?”.Or probably it’s the convenience. Therefore these small suspicious behaviors strengthen our point; you need a better Communal from door rim-cylinder!
  • it costs you a bit extra but it’s for a good cause (for yourself and your neighbours’ security). You will pay a bit extra for a better and long-lasting product.

Get Help with SW Locksmith

SW Locksmith is working with CISA high-security euro cylinders, restricted keys and restricted key-cutting cards. Because it’s a foreign product, some measurements of a high-secure euro profile might be hard to find – mostly the odd measurements such as 35/10/50. No worries, we will try to fulfil your requests as soon as possible.

Regardless of your needs or wishes are you having about CISA, SW Locksmith is always willing to help you! Give us a call at 07383010010 and we will find a solution for you right away.

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