ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7
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24h Locked Out Assistance

SW Locksmith

Are you Locked Out? Do you need some locksmith assistance in South West London? We do offer 24h Locked Out Assistance! Therefore, ask SW Locksmith to come over and we will help you get inside your house in minutes!

If you’re locked out of your house get in touch. We can handle a lockout for whatever reason, and we can help you fast. When calling our emergency London locksmith, you will gain access to your property really quickly. More than that, we will advise you on how to avoid these types of situations happening again.

Therefore, for a fast locksmith and reliable security solutions to any lock issues – including all types of lock installation – give us a call now at 07383010010. In about 20 minutes our nearest locksmith will get there, fully equipped and ready to work.

Call now your nearest locksmith at 07383010010

24H Locksmith Services with SW LOCKSMITH

Are your locked out? Our SW Locksmith is here 247. Call our Locksmith in South West London here: 07383010010


SW Locksmith is always there for you! Of course, we do offer 24h Locked Out Assistance for any security problem you have. So, if you find yourself locked out, we will help! Of course, this means you will be safe with us at any time!

Do you need an Emergency Locksmith near your location? Just give us a call and we will dispatch a locksmith to your place anytime you need!


Can a locksmith open house door ?

For sure, our team of professional locksmiths is always in charge of this type of problem. We pride ourselves with 100% open doors, so, no worries – you will get in, no matter what! Also, our locksmiths will be there quickly in a locked out of the house situation. But, you have to be aware that not all the door locks are easy to be opened. Most of the highly secured locks are not easy to open and the locksmith can’t pick them.

Therefore, your door will not have any damage but your lock might have some. But everything in easy to fix and replace for the locksmith and your door will work like usual after the job is done. Also, our locksmiths do carry a wide range of lock replacements for this type of situation. So, they will present your options for a lock upgrade or they will replace the lock with exactly the same lock. 


What is considered ‘Out of Hours? Well, when booking an emergency locksmith, out of hours will likely refer to the following days and times: outside 9 am – 5 pm time Monday to Friday slot + Weekends. So, anytime including Saturday, Sundays, and Bank Holidays. No worries, we DO work all the time!

SW Locksmith

We are a team of expert locksmiths


SW Locksmith is an established local locksmith company that caters to the South West area of London. Lately, we’ve extended our coverage area to London but we are still locals! As a mobile locksmith service, we pride ourselves on our high-quality labour, punctuality, and, most of all, professionalism. Also, with us, you can always choose! So, whether you have an emergency or an appointment, our nearest locksmith aims to provide the best service possible and we will do our best to get be at your door in the shortest time possible. We can cover the South West area of London within 10-15 minutes after your phone call. For sure, the job is done well as we will send you our helpful and experienced mobile locksmith technicians, fully equipped. 


Mostly, the locksmith companies are working on a standard schedule. But, here we are! Working 24 hours a day to be sure you can get help quickly! Many of you will be in need of a locksmith on weekends, late hours, or early in the morning when almost all the other London locksmith companies are not working. Therefore, we strive to be there for you when you need them most! Also, we wanna be sure that everyone is satisfied with our emergency locksmith services.

As a result, whether for an emergency or a scheduled appointment, you can give us a call and our friendly staff in the office will always on hand to cater to your individual circumstances. Call SW Locksmith now!


SW Locksmith - 247 Locksmith in South West London - 07383010010


Locked out? Wondering if we have to destroy the lock to get you inside your house? Really important, SW Locksmith will only have to break your lock if, for example, the lock is faulty or the key has snapped in the lock. So, if your lock is damaged then it needs to be replaced anyway (e.g. lost keys). Really important, SW Locksmith technicians are equipped with the latest technology and tools to gain entry into a lock, irrelevant to whether the key is inside it or not. For sure, we will evaluate the problem and the type of lock you have. Then, together we will decide on the most suitable method to solve the lockout issue.


YES, THE NON-DESTRUCTIVE MANNER IS A PRIORITY. No, an emergency locksmith will not break your lock. Firstly, our fully trained locksmiths have the skills to open a lock in a non-destructive manner, if that is possible for your door situation. Therefore, drilling or breaking a lock will be the last solution for any locksmith but he has the expertise to tell you how he will open your door. Needless to say, if there is no other way though, he will let you know about this. Anyway, we are practicing a fully transparent service. First, we discuss any decision with the customer. Then, we take action. 

SW Locksmith

Locked out of house

SW Locksmith will be there anytime you call. Surely, we can help in case of a lockout with your front door lock, back door lock, or garden door lock. 24 hours, we offer on-site assistance, so we’ve got you covered! Therefore, we’ll help you regain access to your home. So, we will open the door for you in any of the following situations:

  • you’re stuck outside, lost the key and you don’t have any other key.
  • broke the key in the lock and you need to open the door and change the lock.
  • open apartment door lock after any type of lockout and have a quick door lock change.
  • there is a lack of engagement of the key on the lock and you need a lock replacement after you open your door.

Open door when you don’t have key

No matter what time is it, when you are locked out of your house you need a locksmith. Surely, if you’ve lost your house key or if the key is broken, you will need help. Therefore, it would be a good idea to contact our local locksmith straight away. Quickly, the locksmith near your location will be at your doorstep and he will open the door for you in minutes. Certainly, to be locked out of your own house is something incredible and annoying. So, after you’ve unsuccessfully tried to unlock your door, please call a professional emergency London locksmith. Our locksmiths will unlock your door quickly and they will tell you what is the best option for you.

Locked out of house in London

Nowadays, it is very common to be locked out in London. A house lockout is very common and we know exactly how to help. Our locksmiths can help! So if you are locked out in South West London, SW Locksmith can be there in 15 minutes. 

Open house door with a broken lock

Definitely, we can help in case of a broken lock or a broken key into the lock. Our well-trained locksmiths will open your door and they will try several methods, from simple to hard door openings. Therefore, if it doesn’t open the simple way, sometimes the locksmith will use more brutal methods such as drilling the lock to open the door. All the time, our locksmiths will try the most appropriate method of opening for your lock and situation.

Tenant locked out of the apartment 

Surely, your best bet is to call a professional locksmith. First, as a tenant, you have to know that you need access to the building when you are calling an emergency locksmith. Try and see if someone will let you inside de building, maybe a neighbor that know you. Certainly, the locksmith isn’t allowed to open the building door with his tools – or at least please double-check that before. Usually, the block’s management is not allowing anyone a lock change at the main entrance of the building. If you can pass through that, at this point call a locksmith and wait for him in the hallway. Mostly, the locksmiths can unlock your apartment for you—preferably without damaging the lock. Just make sure to consult your property manager or landlord before you do anything drastic. Sometimes, a lock change to your apartment can be mentioned in your lease.  

Locked out of home services near you

A lockout situation can be tricky. Do not touch the door and ignore it until the locksmith is there with you. Don’t drill by yourself if you’ve never done it before and don’t ask for an unprofessional handyman to help you out. This way, it can get much worse than a simple lockout ! When forced door may irreversibly damage the deadbolt and the door’s material. This way, your problem will get bigger and you might even need to change the door. For your own’s good, call a locksmith as soon as possible and stop thinking about the door. By calling our professional team you can solve your home lockout issues without damaging the door.


Locked out of office


When you are locked out of office, we are aware of how important it is for you to get inside as soon as possible. Maybe the costumes are waiting or maybe you just have some important deadlines. The locksmith will come quickly to open your door for you. Your business is the most important and we wanna help! We will take care of you! We can solve an office or a commercial center lockout in minutes. For speedy locksmiths call or contact us 24 hours. We will be there in about 15-20 minutes.

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