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ALWAYS OPEN! We work 24/7

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Looking for an expert MUL-T-LOCK LOCKSMITH? We are here! Just give us a call and we will help you out with your multi-lock and locking solutions. We are ready to help with all high-security locking products and with mul t lock products on the spot. Get the best high-security products at your location with our safety expert. We are ready to help with locksmith services at your address.

Quality Locking solutions and emergency locksmith services

Due to the marketing efforts spreading globally, Mul-T-Lock knows a rapid expansion in 1982, manufacturing high-secure cylinder locks and accessories. In 1987, Mul-T-Lock opened its first sales division in the US along with a second manufacturing plant in Israel. 

Mul-T-Lock expands even more in the years to come with its European sales units and entrance in the Asia Pacific market. They start to manufacture automatic key cutting for cars and assembly machines for external customers.

Mul-T-Lock adapts very well to changing times with a strong commitment and innovation since 45 ago. Having patents for security locking solutions lately adapts to the digital market needs, coming with smart electromechanical solutions. These days Mul-T-Lock benefit from 70 countries’ distribution network.

MUL-T-LOCK Locksmith: One of the advantages of having Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock makes mostly high-security cylinders and it’s one of the best brands out there. It usually comes with solid security and high protective features. Anti-bumping locks have more pins than regular cylinders and special keys. With shallow pins, it prevents them from jumping up; also it’s valid for locks that have programmable sidebars instead of top pins.

To be more clear, bumping is a method that does not leave damage and you’ll see no signs of a break-in. It’s a process of making the pins “jump” above the shear line to gain access.

MUL-T-LOCK LOCKSMITH: How else Mul-T-Lock protects your property?

SW Locksmith immediately will dispatch a professional locksmith to change your cylinder into a Mul-T-Lock if you give us a call. This way you are improving your security. Mul-T-Lock does have security features, for instance, it prevents the picking method or the snapping method.

More than that, Mul-T-Lock is Kitemarked with British Standard (usually BS 3 stars), therefore it is insurance approved. It comes in all sizes plus it comes with improved replacement stands for other purposes. Let’s say for example the key panel cylinder for shutters. Another example could be the old model Banham replacement. It has security features plus restrictive keys along with a restricted key-cutting card.

Can I cut my keys if I have a Mul-T-Lock cylinder with restricted keys?

The answer to this popular question is YES, you can! As long as you still have your security card and key with you, you’ll be eligible to cut more keys anytime.

SW Locksmith advises you to keep the card in a place where only those in charge of the security of the property can have access. Do not keep or have the card along with your keys, it’s a big chance to lose it. 

What is the Mul-T-Lock key and why is necessary a restricted card?

The Mul-T-Lock key is an extra security feature added to the previously mentioned features. It’s a patented key. So, you can duplicate your keys only in Mul-T-Lock accredited points. Moreover, the key has the code printed (is not look like a regular key) as a result of the inside pins arrangement (resistant to pick drill or bumping attempts).

For instance, somebody tries to get access to a restricted area, protected by a Mul-T-Lock cylinder. He’ll try to have an extra key of his own. Well, here’s the beauty of this feature: being a patented key (it has a unique code that matches the code from the card) nobody’s allowed to duplicate the key, except if he shows a valid restricted key card (the ONLY card belongs to the original keys).

All being said SW locksmith reminds you once again: Do not walk with the security card along with the keys it is not necessary. Keep the security card in a safe place only you (or whoever else may have the authority) should know it! 


Those in need of locks and door-opening solutions need to look no further. Thanks to brands like Yale, Union, Mul-T-Lock, and Abloy, we’ve cemented our reputation as a trusted locksmith in London. A variety of brands also means a host of proven products that help give our clientele peace of mind no matter their location in South West London. Getting the systems you need is as simple as getting in touch with our team of experts. If you’d like to know more about our offerings and what our locksmiths can do for you drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a call now at 07383010010. 

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  • Mul T Lock BS TS007 3 Star Integrator Euro Cylinder 

The new Mul-T-Lock TS007 3 Star Integrator cylinder comes with a reinforced bar that furthers the cylinder’s protection and resistance to lock snapping and security keys with key code. More than that, it’s also got 2 grip deflectors that further its resistance to snapping, as they make it difficult for grips to grab the cylinder and attempt to snap. As a bonus, the keys are on a protected system so they can’t be copied unless you have the code card which is great if you’re worried about people copying your keys. 

  • Mul-T-Lock MT5 + COG WHEEL Replacement Cylinder lock euro profile

Mul-T-Lock’s multi-patented MT5 mechanical platform integrates advanced technology for premium security together with heightening key control. Also, MT5 and MT5+ combine protective elements to create either a double or triple locking mechanism to provide the highest levels of locking security.

MT5 & MT5+ Solution Features: 

Master Key Systems – assign various levels of access to a user’s key.

Keyed Different – access each door with a different key.

Keyed Alike – access multiple doors with a single key.

3-in-1 Keying – instantly change a lock‘s combination up to 2 times by simply turning a key.

About SW Locksmith

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Firstly, SW LOCKSMITH is a relatively new company. In other words, SW Locksmith is a fusion of two prestigious old locksmith companies from London. Therefore, our staff is truly an experienced one, and they’ve seen them all! Above all, all the locks in London are familiar with our locksmiths, especially the most common ones in the SW area of London, as they have many years of activity in the domain covering the South West of London, especially the Kensington and Chelsea area. So, you can be sure you are in good hands when you are asking for our help!


To sum up, we know all about the locks of the old days, we are aware of the trends in the industry and we are always with one step ahead of the future. We are curious about all the discoveries in the domain and we are embracing all the new methods for better security. Most importantly, we’re available for you with a wide range of locks and a highly trained crew of emergency locksmiths 24/7, working around the clock for you and ready to change your perspective about what security means. We’re spread all over South West London, including the Battersea area, but if the situation requires we’re crossing these boundaries sometimes.


Our purpose is to help you ANYTIME, day or night. Bad weather, late nights, or weekends, we are working 247 – no excuses. If it’s not a really busy time, our local locksmiths will be there in 15 minutes to help, no matter what! We aim to help any of our clients as quick as possible but when there are too many emergencies there might be some delays. Above all, we will do our best to solve your worst situations, even in bad weather conditions, day and night. This means emergency service to us! Call and we will give you an approximate ETA – no time wasters.

Latest SW Locksmith assignments

Some of our Lockout Jobs or Lock Replace in SW London with SW Locksmith
banham lock Kensington locksmith sw3

Banham locks are the best locks to work within Kensington SW3. Our locksmiths are highly trained in how to open a Banham lock. They are also able to do the Banham lock replacement. 

banham lock sw locksmith kensington locksmith

Our locksmith changed the Banham lock on a Sunday in SW3. Here is the interior view of the Banham locks on the door, guaranteed high security.

fresh installation in sw3 chelsea and kensington locksmith locksmith near me 24 hour

Our locksmith completed a fresh lock installation on an internal door in SW3 Chelsea and Kensington. The client used our booking form we have on the first page and we’ve been there just on time – when it was suitable for him. The full process is taking us around half an hour.

For updated pictures of our jobs, you can always check us on social media HERE (Facebook) or HERE (@swlocksmith on Instagram). Also, we are constantly writing on our blog about our experiences – HERE. So, check us out and leave us your feedback there!

What Clients Say about SW Locksmith

  • They fix my door quickly with a new lock Banham replacement. I like the new lock good locksmith

    costumer SW3 Kensington
    Azhar Zafana
    Costumer SW3 ***, London - 24/04/2020
  • I rang SW Locksmith services as I had locked myself out of the house. The locksmith arrived at my house within 15 minutes. This man was so caring changed my lock within 10 minutes, cleaned around where he had worked, he was very polite, as well as professional. So, if I ever need a locksmith again, I wouldn’t hesitate to ring this locksmith company I can highly recommend SW Locksmith company as his rates are excellent too.

    Patricia Bartlett
    Customer SW3 *** Kensington and Chelsea, London - 12/01/2020
  • the locksmith comes to unlock my house in Kensington on Sunday morning. .what I was positively surprised about it. He unlocks my door in 10 min.. wow. good review and a good Enfield locksmith

    costumer sw3 kensington locksmith sw3
    Slimani Najah
    Costumer SW3 ***, London - 24/05/2019
  • I had an emergency with Enfield lock, my key was stuck in the lock. THeir Enfield locksmith did a fast lock change and replaced it with a good quality new lock. Recommend the locksmith

    Macello Ohilipo
    Macello Ohilipo
    Costumer SW3 ***, London- 3/11/2019


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