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ASEC Locksmith

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Asec Locksmith for Lockout Service, Asec Lock Change and Fitting, or Asec Lock Repair
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Is your ASEC lock not working? SW Locksmith is here! Call us now and we’ll help around the clock! Reach out for fast locksmith solutions. 

About Asec, in short:

Since it started in the locks market in 2003, Asec has been producing high-quality security products. It’s a reliable brand known among London locksmith companies but also ironmongery professionals nationwide since its launch. 

How can we not like Asec and its security products, since it has a whole range of commercial and domestic locks and accessories with quick and easy operation? Regardless if it’s a door hinge or handles up to secure digital lock, Asec has the solution. Many products within the range comply with British Standards, meaning reliability high recommendations, and high security.

The Asec portfolio is over 1900 and provides locking products, architectural hardware, UPVC, tools, and accessories. But the good thing for Asec is that they are not stopping here. Moreover, Asec continues to develop and expand the range of locks and gives us the ultimate protection solutions.

Asec Locksmith – SW Locksmith advice

Whatever issue, problem, or project you have, SW Locksmith recommends Asec as a quick and reliable security solution. SW Locksmith works at a high scale with Asec products and, believe us, lately, this brand is more requested than ever. 

We are living in restless times, and we know that the last thing about what’s going on in our customer’s minds is their type of lock. Surely, nobody wants to spend their time reading about locks and security. You don’t have to do this! SW Locksmith covers all your needs and recommends the best security solution for your house.

Speaking about hard times, one of the most unpleasant situations is to be burgled because of your overall low security. It can be devastating, emotionally speaking, as well as financially. Luckily, SW Locksmith is one phone call away: 07383010010. Do not forget, your security is the one you’re playing with. If you don’t allow a small budget and a few minutes of your life you might regret it later.

Call our ASEC Locksmith if you are moving house

For example, the good times are when you’re moving into a new flat/house. SW Locksmith advises you immediately to give us a call, and in minutes we can discuss your security. A quick lock change problem can immediately be no longer a time issue.

Regardless if you just moved house or you are an old tenant, you would need a security check at some point. Also, you need to make sure you comply with the insurance requirements. No worries, with Asec you’ll comply with most of the insurances. Of course, Asec comes in many security forms, but more importantly, it comes in any size and finish. Moreover, it’s accessible, and disposing of the whole range, makes things happen quicker. We know how important it’s your time and now, with Asec we can save it for you and for us!

SW Locksmith always recommends a high-secure lock to be installed on your front and back doors. Today this mission can be easily accomplished with Asec.

ASEC Locksmith

Most Popular ASEC Locks with ASEC Locksmith:

  • Asec Deadlocking Night Latch

The Asec Double Locking (deadlocking) standard-style night latch operates in the same way as a standard night latch. However, if you operate the cylinder from the outside in the opposite direction it locks off the internal handle thus stopping a thief from breaking the glass and gaining entry to the property. On external doors, it should be used in conjunction with a British Standard mortice lock. Deadlocking is achieved by reverse turn of the key from outside only. These locks are available in 40mm & 60mm backsets. A lock case is also available and is ideal for use with your own cylinders. Upgrade your home security with Asec.

  • ASEC Standard 5-Lever Deadlock

The five levers inside the lock are divided by brass spacers/separators, which are lubricated too, allowing for an incredibly smooth key rotation as the friction between the levers has really been minimized by this clever idea.  So, despite the standard-grade levers, these thin brass spacer plates really do make a difference to the overall performance and feel of the lock.

Different things Asec do than the majority of other brands

It’s pointless just to write here a list of recommended Asec products because it probably means nothing for you. But here are some touching points you may be interested in.

SW Locksmith is a professional locksmith team that knows that every lock from almost every door is different in measurements or even in shape. For instance, you might not have a euro-profile cylinder on your door. Your cylinder probably has an oval shape; no problem Asec will do it! Probably you have a business and the round cylinders from your front aluminum door look so familiar but maybe not-Asec do screw-in cylinders to protect your business.

You need locks everywhere you’ll move, go or run a business that has to be physically protected. Speaking about business SW Locksmith knows from its vast experience that all the time cabinet locks are making problems. Now with Asec, the problem is no longer an issue. That’s not it! Bathroom locks can be also an unpleasant issue, but again, Asec has that covered too.

Besides the majority of other brands, Asec can take care of your garage security. Your shutter protecting your shop showcase, as Asec do shutter and bullet locks.

Other Asec requested products for home insurance

SW Locksmith could keep continuing about the brand and its covers, but we insist to bring one final touch regards your home security. In many cases, by living at the house, your insurance policy may request your windows to be secure. probably you’ll say “I’m already can close my windows, what else I could o about that?”. Well, we inform you that Asec comes with easy solutions to this matter. Window sash locking stoppers for almost any kind of windows. It comes in finishes suitable for your windows. Also, the stoppers are under key protection, as your insurance policy may requests.

There is an extra security solution even for vinyl windows. Small easy to install screwed sash-stops could add security to vinyl windows, but at the same time being adjustable for your needs. With it’s key (or any Allen key) the stops can be removed, so you can widely open your windows. The stops can be easily screwed back and re-gain back your security.

SW Locksmith recommends you to keep the stops safe if you’ll take them off. We recommend you to keep safe the key from small children. SW Locksmith recommends you to screw tight the stops when you’ll put these back.

Call your security expert now (commercial or domestic) at 07383010010 to discuss what Asec can cover and its features.

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About SW Locksmith

+10 years of experience

First of all, SW Locksmith is a locksmith company created by the merger of two well-known locksmiths companies in London. As a result, our crew is extremely knowledgeable and has encountered every type of lock. Above all, because they have extensive experience in the South West of London, all the locks in London are familiar with our locksmiths. Particularly, they are ready to help 24 hours with the most common ones in the SW area of London. Therefore, when you seek our assistance, you can be confident that you are in capable hands.

If you need to replace cylinders with quality products, our Asec locksmith would be happy to help. SW Locksmith fits locks with quality security products by the Asec brand. We can fit and supply all locks on the same day. 


In conclusion, we are familiar with the old locks and knowledgeable about current market trends. Moreover, we are always one step ahead when it comes to house security. Also, our locksmiths are enthusiastic about adopting any new security techniques and are interested in learning about all recent advancements.

Most importantly, we’re always here for you. So, we are offering a large selection of locks and a highly skilled team of emergency locksmiths who are prepared to alter your understanding of what security entails. Although we are dispersed around South West London, including Chelsea, Kensington, or Battersea neighborhood, we are ready to serve clients in the surrounding areas as well. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Our purpose is to help you ANYTIME, day or night. Bad weather, late nights, or weekends, we are working 247 – no excuses. If it’s not a really busy time, our local locksmiths will be there in 15 minutes to help, no matter what! We aim to help any of our clients as quick as possible but when there are too many emergencies there might be some delays. Above all, we will do our best to solve your worst situations, even in bad weather conditions, day and night. This means emergency service to us! Call and we will give you an approximate ETA – no time wasters.

Latest SW Locksmith assignments

Some of our Lockout Jobs or Lock Replace in SW London with SW Locksmith
banham lock Kensington locksmith sw3

Banham locks are the best locks to work within Kensington SW3. Our locksmiths are highly trained in how to open a Banham lock. They are also able to do the Banham lock replacement. 

banham lock sw locksmith kensington locksmith

Our locksmith changed the Banham lock on a Sunday in SW3. Here is the interior view of the Banham locks on the door, guaranteed high security.

fresh installation in sw3 chelsea and kensington locksmith locksmith near me 24 hour

Our locksmith completed a fresh lock installation on an internal door in SW3 Chelsea and Kensington. The client used our booking form we have on the first page and we’ve been there just on time – when it was suitable for him. The full process is taking us around half an hour.

For updated pictures of our jobs, you can always check us on social media HERE (Facebook) or HERE (@swlocksmith on Instagram). Also, we are constantly writing on our blog about our experiences – HERE. So, check us out and leave us your feedback there!

Our Asec Locksmith focuses on offering top-notch locksmith services to customers in the home and business sectors. With the most up-to-date equipment and technology, their team of skilled experts can respond quickly and effectively to any of your locksmith needs. The ease and speed with which Asec Locksmith operates distinguish it from its rivals. They are dedicated to providing efficient and dependable services, so they can quickly assist you with any lock-related issues.

Whether you need a new lock installed, a lock replaced, or an emergency lockout service, our specialist Asec Locksmith is always ready to assist you with their quick and easy operation.

What Clients Say about SW Locksmith

  • They fix my door quickly with a new lock Banham replacement. I like the new lock good locksmith

    costumer SW3 Kensington
    Azhar Zafana
    Costumer SW3 ***, London - 24/04/2020
  • I rang SW Locksmith services as I had locked myself out of the house. The locksmith arrived at my house within 15 minutes. This man was so caring changed my lock within 10 minutes, cleaned around where he had worked, he was very polite, as well as professional. So, if I ever need a locksmith again, I wouldn’t hesitate to ring this locksmith company I can highly recommend SW Locksmith company as his rates are excellent too.

    Patricia Bartlett
    Customer SW3 *** Kensington and Chelsea, London - 12/01/2020
  • the locksmith comes to unlock my house in Kensington on Sunday morning. .what I was positively surprised about it. He unlocks my door in 10 min.. wow. good review and a good Enfield locksmith

    costumer sw3 kensington locksmith sw3
    Slimani Najah
    Costumer SW3 ***, London - 24/05/2019
  • I had an emergency with Enfield lock, my key was stuck in the lock. THeir Enfield locksmith did a fast lock change and replaced it with a good quality new lock. Recommend the locksmith

    Macello Ohilipo
    Macello Ohilipo
    Costumer SW3 ***, London- 3/11/2019


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