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Fast Locksmith For Mortice Locks and Latches

Fast Locksmith For Mortice Locks and Latches

Looking for a mortice locks expert? We are ready to help with a fast locksmith with it comes to all your mortice lock or sash lock issues. No matter what issues you have with your door locks, we will take care of everything. We can help with external and internal doors, anytime. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our mortice locks experts will go above and beyond to make it work for you.

Our experts will come to your address 30 minutes after your call. We can handle all different types of locks, including different types of latches, deadlocks and mortice locks.


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What is a Mortice Lock?

When looking to secure a property it’s better to install a mortice locks most of the time. Of course, only a locksmith can give you the advice and the best service you need for your door but a mortice lock will be most likely a good solution when lookign to secure yourself.

Are you wondering what is a mortice lock? A mortice is a kind of locking device placed into a pocket or “mortice” at the edge of a door. To be more precise, the edge of a door has a space called a “mortice” is where a certain sort of locking mechanism is fitted. Because the lock case is housed in this pocket, the door’s surface is flush with it. If you still don’t know what is a mortice lock or if you require one on your door, our security experts would be happy to assist.

So, anytime you need help, a professional locksmith will be able to come and install the most appropriate lock for your door, including mortice locks, deadlocks, and any latch or cylinder. Our security experts have a wide range of locks available on the spot and the fitting is always done professionally. Reach out and find out more about mortice locks straight from our locksmiths.

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Why a mortice lock?

Mortice lock is a popular secure lock in The UK and London. Normally, when installed properly, mortice locks can provide high levels of protection to a residential or commercial property.

Mortice Locks or mortises are locks carved in pockets on doors and furniture on a door’s side. These types are used as second locks to improve security and are usually found in residential homes.

More than that, mortice deadlocks will offer better protection than surface-mounted locks or other styles of locks, especially the ones with more levers. Usually, they are more difficult for potential attackers to tamper with. So, when the mortice lock is engaged, the keyed bolt interacts with a strike plate that is mounted on the door frame to hold the door in place.

When choosing a lock for your property, is better to understand what types of locks are out there and choose according to your type of door, measurements and needs. Also, you can select based on the manufacturer – Yale, Union, or finishes such as chrome and brass. For more details about your choice don’t hesitate to reach out. Solve the security problem of your home and check with a locksmith what is the best solution.

Mortice Door Locks

Do you need urgent help with your faulty mortice lock? Our lock and key experts are ready to help as soon as possible. Whether you need a mortice sash lock or a deadlock, we will be there to help you. We stock all types of levers and you can select the option that works better for you. We guarantee a smooth service and great quality for our locks and labour.

Mortice Sash Locks

One of the most popular styles of mortice locks on residential building doors is the mortice sash lock. A sash lock has a deadbolt that can be opened with a key and a latch bolt that is activated by the door handle.

Moreover, the latch bolt is spring-loaded. Therefore, it is easily retractable when using the door handle. So, when completely extended, the lock adds another level of security by anchoring the door.

Mortice sash locks are available in a range of security levels. Some of these types of locks are British Standard, which indicates good resistance to forced entry. Reach out to our locksmiths and have a lock installed that would suit your needs. We will measure and fit the best lock option on your door as soon as you call us. There’s a variety of sash locks available on the spot and we can guarantee that our great quality locks will keep the intruders away.

Mortice Dead Locks

Mortice deadlocks are also known as Chubb locks in England. These come in different levers and levels of security. Deadlocks are pretty popular because of their exceptional strength and security level.

More than that, mortice deadlocks in comparison to sash locks, merely have a deadbolt that is opened by a key and does not have a latch bolt. Therefore, these are more appropriate for exterior doors when increased security is requested.

Another important aspect is that mortice deadlocks frequently meet the BS3621 requirements. So, if you require a British Standard lock for insurance purposes or simply for better protection, a BS deadlock will offer superior security. These locks are resisting well to typical break-in techniques like drilling and picking.

Mortice deadlocks are pretty common in residential and commercial buildings. Normally, utmost security is a top issue for everyone and SW Locksmith is here to help.

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